A minor excerpt from my stay in New York last October:

After visiting 5 Pointz, we reconvened at Court Square Diner. Outside was a small video shop, DCD Exclusive Video. FourSquare revealed that practically no one had ever checked in here, but the signage boasted the “best DVD selection” and “booths for swinging.” Joel and I had a discussion about what “swinging” meant here, but we couldn’t come to a consensus. Having been around the world and then some, I figured I could be the judge of that. Nothing really shocks me anymore when it comes to sex and pornography. And from its front, DCD Exclusive Video was unassuming. A stocky Indian man sat at the front in his pharmacist-height counter, greeting us with an expected and prescribed amount of demur.

Dual-headed foot-circumference dildos, comically oversized but posing themselves as more serious than most would gather buttplugs, and oddly… a frankly admirably large collection of VHS cassettes. However, not of pornographic quality, no. Melissa Joan Hart movies. And Rescue 911 episodes. Dusty sleeves. Bottles of window cleaner. Just as we were about to leave out of boredom, the store clerk instructed us to go into the back, that we can “watch the movies.” I at first thought he was implying we could watch Drive Me Crazy. But he pointed towards the back room, guarded with a beaded curtain.

We reluctantly entered and another portly gentleman stood with his arms crossed in an overwhelming stack of pornographic DVDs–including an entire shelf dedicated to bestiality. Horse Fuckers Volume 9. DCD Exclusive Video had all 12 volumes.