My name is Aimee Ault. I’m a software engineer, a language fanatic, and a full-time pair programming partner to a 2-year-old who specializes in a functional programming language that no one else understands the syntax to.

As of late, I primarily spend my days tinkering with Ruby, though I occasionally like to foray into other technologies for fun (Elixir, React, Java). I enjoy working on products that bring joy to other people’s lives (don’t we all?) and change lives in turn.

Things that make me happy as a developer:

  • Conscientious refactoring without over-engineering or solving a problem that doesn’t exist.
  • Debugging extremely obscure bugs that only affect fringe users (and resolving said bugs).
  • Coming across a really nasty, complex class and fixing the vast majority of its code smells.
  • Collaborating and learning from others.

Things that bum me out as a developer:

  • Undocumented project requirements.
  • Tech debt that never gets revisited.
  • Decision-making that isn’t backed by well-researched motivation.
  • Reactionary behavior in general.
  • Any kind of work that works against my sense of personal ethics or desires to treat other human beings with the fairness and respect that I feel they deserve.

Who I am off the cuff and personally:

  • I have spent some portion of my life as a technomad. This means I have spent a notable amount of time as a vagrant exploring the globe while also working as as a developer/engineer/geek.
  • According to Myers-Briggs, I am an ENTP. I strongly disagree with Myers-Briggs, and would argue that I am an INTJ.
  • My fiancee, Joel, and I merged a ridiculous machine learning PR together into master on January 7, 2017. It’s a fantastic AI named Henry.
  • I am a gigantic xenolinguophile. I fluently speak English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.
  • I’m almost fluent in Esperanto, but I have a hard time making that claim with an artificial language where I feel no one is truly fluent.
  • I generally love writing non-fiction and essay-writing. Some of my biggest influences are Henry Rollins and David Sedaris. I’ve also had the great fortune of being in the same room with both (not at the same time). Henry Rollins was important enough to me that I named my son after him. If he has even half of the moral compass that Rollins has, I’ll be a happy mama.
  • I have a degree in English, which means I’m particularly anal about grammar, can actually parse a sentence using one of those antiquated tree structures, and have an unwavering love for the Oxford comma.
  • I am the very definition of the D&D chaotic neutral alignment. These days I’m probably somewhere between neutral and good, but I generally love creating chaos for little or no reason.
  • In my free time, I enjoy cross-stitching and sewing. I am actively working on a multi-year project of recreating the Super Mario World overworld map as a large 3’x3’ cross-stitch.