Hello. I'm Aimee Ault.

Hello. I'm Aimee Ault.


My name is Aimee Ault. I’m a software engineer, a language fanatic, and a full-time pair programming partner to a 7-year-old who specializes in a functional programming language that no one else understands the syntax to.

As of late, I primarily spend my days tinkering with Ruby/Rails, Javascript/React. I enjoy working on products that bring joy to other people’s lives (don’t we all?) and change lives in turn.

Things that make me happy as a developer:

  • Conscientious refactoring without over-engineering or solving a problem that doesn’t exist.
  • Root cause analysis*
  • Coming across a really nasty, complex class and fixing the vast majority of its code smells.
  • Collaborating and learning from others.
  • Deleting code (I am officially net-negative at Stitch Fix on LOC contributed!)

Things that bum me out as a developer:

  • Undocumented project requirements.
  • Tech debt that never gets revisited.
  • Decision-making that isn’t backed by well-researched motivation.
  • Tests that don't actually test what they say they test.
  • Any kind of work that works against my sense of personal ethics or desires to treat other human beings with the fairness and respect that I feel they deserve.

Who I am off the cuff and personally:

  • I have spent some portion of my life as a technomad. This means I have spent a notable amount of time as a vagrant exploring the globe while also working simultaneously.
  • According to Myers-Briggs, I am an ENTP. I strongly disagree with Myers-Briggs, and would argue that I am an INTJ.
  • I'm an Enneagram 4w5 (an individualist / bohemian).
  • I'm also a Virgo if you wanted the astrological summary of the above two points.
  • I am a sewist! I spend a significant amount of my time exploring apparel fashion and how sustainability plays a part in that. About 50% of my wardrobe and 100% of my son's wardrobe is me-made!
  • I have a degree in English, which means I’m particularly anal about grammar, can actually parse a sentence using one of those antiquated tree structures, and have an unwavering love for the Oxford comma.
  • I am the very definition of the D&D chaotic neutral alignment. These days I’m probably somewhere between neutral and good, but I generally love creating chaos for little or no reason.

* Truthfully, I dislike root cause analysis and the headaches it gives me. Others tell me that I am very, very good at it though. And I like when I am able to use my one weird skill to help others.